With Outstretched Arms

His Little Feet children’s choir spent Father’s Day sharing in fellowship with two northern Colorado churches.
During the Sunday morning service at First Assembly of God in Greeley, a young boy approached Christa Hahn – one of the Founders and Directors of His Little Feet. You could tell by the sheepish grin on his face that he had a special surprise awaiting her.
When he reached Christa he held out his hands. Within his palms was a handful of change – quarters, dimes and nickels – which he handed to Christa joyfully.
This donation was a gentle reminder that God uses each of us exactly where we are in order to bring His light and love to a broken world. This little boy happily handed over what was likely the majority (if not all) of the money he owned. And he did so with a joyful heart!
In Luke 21, the Bible tells us of the widow who placed two small, copper coins in an offering at the temple. While the rich members of the church put large gifts in before and after her, Jesus tells his disciples that this woman’s gift was greater, because she gave “all she had.” (Luke 21:4, NIV)
Jesus doesn’t ask for just a little bit of us. He doesn’t ask for all of us half of the time. He asks for ALL of us ALL of the time.
And if you feel like you don’t have anything of worth to offer, just remember that Jesus used five loaves of bread and two fish to feed 5,000 people (Matthew 14:13-21). Don’t be afraid, God will take whatever you give and multiply it exponentially!
One small gift, just like that of the little boy on Sunday, can truly change the life of a child in need. Your support of His Little Feet’s work during the 2011-2012 Tour has resulted in thousands of children being impacted in Jesus’ name around the world.
Our prayer is that God continues to teach us to give like that young boy on Sunday morning – generously, with outstretched arms and a smile on our faces.