Receiving Jesus

Below is an excerpt from Dr. K.P. Yohannan’s latest book, “No Longer a Slumdog.” Dr. Yohannan is the founder and international director of Gospel for Asia.
“In Mark 9:37 (NKJV), Jesus said “Whoever receives one of these little children in My name receives Me.” What does His statement mean to us?

Imagine that you have worked all day and are finally sitting down to dinner with your family. Suddenly, you hear a knock on the door. You aren’t expecting anyone, so you look through the peephole thinking you will maybe see a salesman or someone who wants to mow your law. Instead, you see the King of the universe. 

You would break down your front door to welcome Him in!

But what if you see a starving child, half-naked, with more holes than cloth in the rags she is wearing? Her hair is unkempt and filled with lice; her face is covered with dirt and sweat. Would you break down your door to welcome her in?

Jesus tells us that anyone who embraces little children, who loves them and who gives them dignity and value in His name is actually doing these same things for Jesus Himself (see Matthew 18:5). But there’s more to it than that. Jesus is so happy with anyone who cares for children in His name, that He will come and be with them in a special way. He tell us further in Mark 9:37 that we receive not only the Son, but God the Father also. So there is a special blessing for those who share the heart of the Eternal for His children.” (“No Longer a Slumdog,” pages 67-68)
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