(our latest steps): Lessons from the road…

What a fun week it’s been in Montana and Wyoming!
Not only did the team get a great opportunity to witness to a number of churches,
and advocate for children in need…
They also had a ton of fun learning!
Photo Mar 21, 8 23 07 PM
The team learned a ton about creativity in the
science museum in Riverton, WY.
Photo Mar 21, 9 01 00 PM
The children practiced being engineers, artists, and market shop owners.
Photo Mar 21, 8 58 38 PM
The boys  learned to make slime in a fun science experiment with
their host home!
Photo Mar 21, 8 23 27 PM
They had an epic field trip to the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, MT.
Photo Mar 21, 8 23 24 PM
They learned how to climb walls…
Photo Mar 21, 8 23 18 PM
…and practiced their swimming!
Photo Mar 21, 8 22 26 PM
They rode bikes…
Photo Mar 21, 8 28 58 PM
…built lego museums…
Photo Mar 21, 8 22 29 PM
…and worked on their art skills!
Photo Mar 21, 3 42 14 PM
Auntie Hilina and Kensie made delicious Ethiopian food.
And the team had a great lunch with the Hopkins family!
Photo Mar 21, 3 42 35 PM
The kids also enjoyed the firsts of spring with climbing trees, building stick forts…
Photo Mar 21, 3 42 59 PM
…and went on spring walks with other children from around the world!
Photo Mar 21, 8 22 20 PM
The older girls worked on giving piggy back rides to Josie and Carris!
Photo Mar 21, 8 23 31 PM (1)
The Uncles continued to perfect their “master-trailer-packing” skills!
Buangi even learned how to feed a goat!

But what was the most important thing they learned?
That God promises to always be there!
No matter what city, state, or even country you are in!
All you have to do is just call upon His name!
Photo Mar 21, 3 41 23 PM
“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”