(our latest steps): Celebrating Some Special HLF September Birthdays

(our latest steps)

September has some pretty special His Little Feet Birthdays,
so we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate them!

Auntie Christa

It’s amazing to see how God has used you and Uncle Mikey
to reach thousands of children in need.
We are so thankful for you and your heart for the vulnerable!
You are a mother-figure to so many and we love you so much!

Auntie Janet

Not only do you volunteer so much of your time to work
with His Little Feet, you also take the time
to make special memories with the children every year!
We appreciate and love you!

Uncle Jon AND Auntie Emily

Uncle Jon, your kind heart and passion
for children is so encouraging!
Thank you for giving a year of your
life to serve alongside His Little Feet!
Those seven Indian children (and obviously
the rest of us) were so blessed by you!
Auntie Emily,  your talent for music, directing, teaching,
and serving has impacted our ministry so much!
Thank you for devoting your life to loving vulnerable children!
We love you so much!

Auntie Cotton

Thank you for taking time every week to
 appreciate the hundreds of those
who bless our ministry through hosting
the children and staff of His Little Feet.
We know that you always go the extra mile
to encourage and serve others.
We love you and appreciate how you
serve orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide
in Jesus Name!


Happiest of birthday Moise!
We are so thankful you came to sing with His Little Feet!
Praying for you and your schooling back in Haiti!
We love you!


Loudrige, your smile, joy, and servant’s heart
is such a blessing to so many.
Thank you for serving and singing in the choir.
We love you and are praying for you!

Auntie Wisline

By sharing your  testimony across the country,
you have challenged
thousands of people to be in on it and
make an impact in a child’s life.
Thank you for serving alongside HLF! We love you!


What a joy it was to watch Jesus work within you
this past year. You are such a sweet and tender little girl
with a smile that makes everyone else smile!
Keep loving Jesus and those around you!
We love you!

Auntie Kourtney

You are one of the most cheerful servants we know!
Your devotion and love for the Lord spills
out into so many other lives.
Thank you for caring for the least of these
and serving with every piece of your heart!
We love you!


Your joy and laughter is not easily forgotten!
We are so thankful you were able to share Christ with
so many while here in the United States.
We pray you continue to shine Jesus’ light in India!
We love you!


Happy Birthday Cassandra!
Your enthusiasm for helping others is contagious!
Praying for you as you serve and follow Jesus in Haiti!