Music to Our Ears

You could almost hear the little footsteps running in the percussion and the voices from children around the world singing in the strings and keys.

Much joy was in the air last week as His Little Feet travelled to Brentwood, Tennessee to record music for the upcoming 2011-2012 His Little Feet Children’s Choir tour.

The recorded music – ten songs in all – will be used at performances by the 2011-2012 Children’s Choir as well as on the His Little Feet album “Reaching for You,” which will be released this fall.

Mike and Christa Hahn (founders and directors of His Little Feet), along with a team of talented producers and musicians, spent close to 50 hours in the studio over the course of the week, selecting and writing music that will be shared with thousands of people nationwide.

His Little Feet recorded eight new songs for the upcoming tour and album, including worship favorites like “Our God is Greater” and “All Over the World,” as well as an original song entitled “I Sing,” written by Christa Hahn about the true meaning of the music.

“Often, when teaching children what it means to worship God through music, I come back to the question of ‘Why are we singing this? And what are we singing about?’ If one is singing a song and doesn’t know the answer to that question then they are singing empty words,” Christa said. “There is a reason for us to sing. From the heart of an orphan, those reasons run deep.”

All of the music for the 2011-2012 Tour will feature unique cultural styles that match the eclectic makeup of the choir and reflect His Little Feet’s belief that God is working through the voices and lives of these children.

“I’m always trying to select songs that get back to God getting all the glory,” Christa said. “God is the same God in the United States as He is in any other country. The beauty of it is when we make our worship about Him we see God’s glory displayed in powerful ways.”

Of course, the Hahns were not alone in the recording process last week, as they partnered with a handful of extremely talented individuals to create a powerful and unique selection of songs.

Steve Dady (sound engineer), Dave Cleveland (guitars), Mark Hill (bass), Steve Brewster (drums/percussion), Jason Webb (keyboard/piano) and Brian Green (keyboard/piano) all contributed to the recording at Sunset Boulevard Studios.

However, Christa said, none of it would have been possible without the biggest Contributor of all.

“There is a lot of complexity in putting music together,” said Christa. “I would take a piece of paper with words to the musicians with the idea I had in mind. As always, the Lord took the song and made it bigger and better. He was present throughout the entire process.”

In 2010-2011, the His Little Feet Children’s Choir (comprised of 15 children from Haiti) performed in over 50 churches across the United States, encouraging hundreds of people to (be in on it) through giving, sponsoring a child, going on a missions trip or considering adoption. 

Christa said she trusts that God has powerful plans in store for the upcoming tour, and that the music chosen will help drive an important message home.

“The selection of music is vital to the presentation on stage. The Spirit moves through the presentation and encourages those in the audience to respond,” she said. “We always teach the choir children that they are not singing for the applause of man, but for the applause of God.”

For more information about the 2011-2012 His Little Feet tour, or to inquire about booking the tour, please e-mail Jeff Dillon at [email protected].