(our latest steps): Chewing, Chomping, and Changing Lives


This week, the team chewed (literally) their way through
the streets of Seattle, where they toured all that the great
city has to offer. We don’t normally encourage playing
with your food, or in this case, your gum, but the team
made an exception at the great gum wall at
Pike Place Market.

Aunty Katie gathers chewed gum for her
gooey masterpiece.

There’s no denying that His Little Feet
has been here!

Uncle Saia practices his bubbles
before leaving it at the wall.

FACT:Pike Place gum wall has been named
one of the top 5 germiest tourist attractions
in the world!
Now that’s something to chew on!

The children experienced the fish market.

Getting ready to eat some fresh seafood!

Munga and the fish flash their smiles!

Aunty April, Yodit, and Ladini enjoying
the yummy food.

Though it rained, the children loved the
Seattle scene!

When in Seattle, you HAVE to sip a latte
at the very first Starbucks location!

The children enjoyed the horseback experience!

Marvelous is ready to head out on the trail!

Washington is so beautiful!

There is so much snow!

The view of the port was magnificent!

These girls bring so much joy to us!

Father, thank you for the children of His Little Feet. Lord, I pray that your hand of protection continues to surround them as they share the good news of your son to those around them. Father, you have a beautiful plan and purpose for each of them, and we know that they are your children. Bless them abundantly. Amen!

“Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name..”
John 17:10