(our latest steps): Central California Fun

The team has been so blessed this week to spend some quality time in Central California.
They’ve performed at many of our dear partner churches, as well as some new ones!
Photo Jan 25, 9 04 22 AM (6)

You know you are in California when you see palm trees! The kids loved it!

Photo Jan 25, 9 04 23 AM (4)

We  received such a warm welcome from all of our host homes!
Thanks Auntie Colleen and Uncle Ron for making such a neat sign to welcome us!Photo Jan 25, 9 04 22 AM (1)

Uncle Mikey and Uncle Brodie in Fresno, California.
Both of these men have such big hearts for the fatherless.
Thank you Uncle Brodie for your tireless efforts and successes for the Kingdom!
You and Auntie Jenn are precious to us all!
David and the other children went to a fun park and learned how to rip stick! How fun! Photo Jan 25, 9 04 22 AM (2)
The uncles hard at work preparing for the concert.
Photo Jan 25, 9 04 22 AM (4)
Auntie Mo had decorated hard boiled eggs for each child’s snack.
Photo Jan 25, 9 04 22 AM (3)
Isn’t that so fun and thoughtful?
!Photo Jan 25, 9 04 23 AM
In-N-Out of course?! The kids gave it two thumbs up!
Photo Jan 25, 9 04 23 AM (1)
Josie loves her Kima!
Photo Jan 25, 9 04 23 AM (3)
Feeding the ducks is always fun!
Photo Jan 23, 3 06 07 PM
The boys playing with their host home’s pet snake in Orange!
A beautiful Central California sunset.
Photo Jan 21, 4 26 25 PM
The team made some extra fun memories on Uncle Aaron’s farm!
Photo Jan 21, 3 59 14 PM
Auntie Hilina driving the tractor!
Photo Jan 19, 2 10 51 PM
There’s always some good exploring happening on the Kinabrew farm!

Ah, yes… lemons…
Photo Jan 20, 1 04 36 PM
One of God’s little reminders that even the sour things in life
have a healthy purpose!
Photo Jan 19, 2 25 19 PM
“Live each day as if it were your last.
And if it’s not, fall to your knees and give thanks.”
– OG Mandino
The team seizing the moment in the mud!
Photo Jan 19, 2 23 30 PM
How different would life be if we lived life cherishing every moment?
Live your life to the fullest – for HIS GLORY!
Photo Jan 25, 9 04 22 AM (5)
Onto another adventure… our early morning departure from Madera.
Heading to Southern California next!