Host Homes

As the His Little Feet choir travels around the United States, we stay in host homes provided by each church we sing in along the way. By the end of this tour, our Haitian children and American staff will have stayed in about 70 different homes in around 20 states. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to meet all kinds of people and we are grateful to them for sharing their homes and lives with us.

The children are able to participate in many fun experiences when they stay with families. We asked all 15 of the kids what their favorite activities have been so far in the host homes, and this is what they said:

Ederson, 14: playing games

Likendley, 13: playing baseball, playing games, and going to Chuck ‘E Cheese

Jefferson, 12: going bowling

Moise, 10: going to Chuck ‘E Cheese and swimming

Kesnel, 12: going to new places and meeting new people

Johnson, 7: playing basketball, watching movies, swimming, and eating chicken

Francia, 18: reading

Loudrige, 17: getting to know new people

Cassandra, 13: going to Chuck ‘E Cheese

Nephthalie, 10: watching movies and going to Chuck ‘E Cheese

Esterline, 12: watching movies

Daphney, 13: seeing new places

Djoulie, 8: playing mini-golf

Dianelie, 7: playing dominoes and going bowling

Falencia, 10: going to Incredible Pizza