…their devotion to the Lord…

In April of 2011, Covenant Bible Church had the honor and privilege of hosting the His Little Feet Children’s Choir. As it turns out, this was the blessing of a lifetime and one of the highlights of our church calendar for this past year.

His Little Feet is a ministry organization that brings orphaned and vulnerable children on tour in the United States to raise awareness of the plight of children in poverty-stricken countries.

The group that we were blessed to have minister at our church was a group of children from an orphanage in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. The orphanage they are a part of is called Danita’s Children. This particular group was a group that was near and dear to our heart, since our church has been sponsoring kids from that orphanage for the past seven years.

I was personally very excited about these particular children since I had been to visit them on a few occasions in Haiti. I was excited for them and for our church for a number of reasons.

For one, I was excited to see the kids that I have built relationships with over the past few years and for them to get to meet the people of our church who had loved them from a distance for some time.

Beyond that, I was excited to see them get to come and visit our wonderful country. Most of these orphans have lived in absolute poverty all their lives. I thought it would be such a blessing for them to get to visit here and see all that we have to be grateful for.

While these things were great reasons for them to get to come here, it was not at all what I remember most about those few days that they were here. The thing that moved me the most about the children was their devotion to the Lord as they ministered to our church and community.

I have never met children of their age with the kind of focus they had. We had 15 kids ranging from about 7 to 18. As it turns out, the thing that mattered most to them was not to see all the “stuff” that we had to offer. What excited them the most was to share with us the great thing that they had in them.

This great thing that I speak of is their personal and very real relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Those kids worshipped with a passion that I rarely see in young or old in this country. They moved us and inspired us beyond belief. They challenged something deep within us all to care for others, each other, and our lost and dying world.

Even as I write this down some five months after the fact, I am moved to tears. I am very grateful for the ministry of the kids from Haiti and to His Little Feet for the sacrifice they all made to make this ministry possible. My life was changed that Sunday morning, and I will be forever thankful for the gift God gave us through their ministry.

Pastor Mike Devine
Covenant Bible Church
Lincolnton, NC

His Little Feet is so grateful to have wonderful partners like Pastor Mike who join with us in helping, loving, and training orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide!