(our latest steps): Christmas Break in Windsor

Auntie Christa reading “The Night Before Christmas” to the children.

Christmas cookies and milk! Auntie Christa, Derrick, Benedict and Uncle Mikey.

The presents under the Christmas tree. Thank you to all of the generous people who made Christmas so special for the children this year!

The children with their new Christmas socks.

Josie and Cincilla with their Secret Santa gifts.

Thank you to the anonymous women at the store who purchased all of the gifts for the children’s Secret Santa gift exchange!

Response, David, Nupuii and Sharon at Christmas dinner.

Thank you to the Vowell family for donating Christmas dinner to the HLF children in honor of the late Lynn and Glenda Vowell.

Girls tea party! Janet Runkles, Ila McCarty and Peggy Douglas, thank you for all of the preparation and thought that went into making the tea party such a special time for the girls and aunties.

Thank you to those who purchased tickets for the children to watch Mary Poppins Returns in theater!

The team ice skating at Evergreen Lake in Colorado.

Benedict ice skating for the first time!

Uncle Ethan and Denzel.

Prince on the ice.

Auntie Megan and Leila.

Auntie Christa, Uncle Mikey and David on his 12th birthday!

Celebrating Leila’s 8th birthday!

Hriati and Nupuii playing with the baby dolls they received for Christmas.

Brothers, RSA and David, building a Lego set.

Celebrating New Years Eve at the William’s home! Bobby, Courtney and family, thank you for intentionally investing in the lives of the HLF children and staff. We count it a privilege to have y’all close by and are thankful for the way you joyfully serve the Lord.

The boys testing out their new cleats while playing soccer with Uncle David!

An evening with the Peterson family. Thank you for the way you’ve opened your home and shared your lives with each HLF choir over the years. Your family is such an encouragement to us and we always look forward to spending time at your home!