Alumni Program

After the choir children complete their time in the United States, they return to their home countries and are then eligible to participate in the HLF Alumni Program, where they continue to be helped, loved and trained by receiving… 

  1. Educational Assistance  
  2. Spiritual Development 
  3. Life Skills Coaching 
  4. Personal Care Management 
  5. HLF Community Preservation 

The HLF Alumni Program takes place at the HLF Global Community Centers. For countries where there is no HLF Global Community Center, HLF works alongside of partnering organizations in those countries to coordinate and facilitate the HLF Alumni Program on their sites.

His Little Feet Champions Recurring donors, who commit to $100/mth or $1200/yr, have the option to follow the journey of a specific alumni (to follow more than one alumni, each is $100/mth recurring), receive an annual picture and update from that specific alumni, and write letters to the alumni whose journey they are following.

His Little Feet strives to provide all qualifying alumni with an equal opportunity. Gifts given to the HLF are equally distributed to all qualifying alumni.

“You can give without loving. But you cannot love without giving.”

— Amy Carmichael