As His Little Feet travels the country, being a voice for the voiceless, we connect with Pastors, ministry leaders and church members. The relationships formed and lives impacted are a testimony to God’s work through these precious children.

Click on the names to read a few of those stories:

“It has been such an honor to have children from Haiti, Ethiopia, and Honduras at our church and in our homes. The children are precious and interacted well with our families. We have been blessed to host His Little Feet two times.

The time we (young and old alike) have had to spend with the HLF children has opened our eyes to the needs of orphans world-wide. It is hard to tell who is blessed more: HLF children or us. Their personal testimonies and worship concert are impacting and inspiring. We look forward to hosting His Little Feet their next tour.”

“We had the blessing of having the His Little Feet choir at our school. I cannot begin to tell you the impact it had on our students. Many students raved that it was the best chapel of the year. It exposed our kids to a reality that there is poverty, famine, and much more in other parts of the world that they don’t experience here in Orange County. It showed them that they need to be extremely thankful for what God has blessed them with and they need to respond to the need of serving the orphans and poor all over the world.”
“Our church and our community have been deeply blessed by this ministry. This program puts a face, a personality and a touch to the many orphans worldwide. What a practical and powerful way to share with others about the importance of caring for orphans. I was also impressed by the patience, love and care of the staff that work directly with the choir. Throughout this past week we have heard many testimonies from people in our church and community who have been touched by last weekend’s presentation. Stories of sponsorship, missions, and adoption have been ringing through the halls of our church all week. At our weekly staff meeting, following the concert, it was brought up that we should consider asking the choir to come back every other year or so, but one of our pastors spoke up and said, “No way! This is the kind of ministry that is worth investing in EVERY YEAR!” Thank you for blessing us.”
“In April of 2011, Covenant Bible Church had the honor and privilege of hosting the His Little Feet Children’s Choir. As it turns out, it was the blessing of a lifetime. The thing that mattered most to the kids in the choir was not to see all the “stuff” that we had to offer. What excited them the most was to share with us the great thing that they had in them. Those kids worshipped with a passion that I rarely see in young or old in this country. They moved us and inspired us beyond belief. They challenged something deep within us all to care for others, each other, and our lost and dying world. Even as I write this down some five months after the fact, I am moved to tears. I am very grateful for the ministry of the kids from Haiti and to His Little Feet for the sacrifice they all made to make this ministry possible. My life was changed that Sunday morning, and I will be forever thankful for the gift God gave us through their ministry.”
“It is so amazing to have children from “far, come close” and worship Jesus with their voices. His Little Feet is the Lord’s mouthpiece to reach out and awaken God’s people “to do something” for orphans. Every type of person gets impacted by His Little Feet. They have shown us a glimpse of how lavishly our God loves us!”
“Eagerly expecting His Little Feet for so long, we knew early on that spending time with these children, as well as hearing their testimony through conversation and worship would be an amazing experience. But what we didn’t expect was the magnitude their impact would really make on us personally, as well as those in attendance!

When it was time for them to take the stage, we were instantly overwhelmed when they opened their mouths in song. The entire room fell silent and still. I think most anticipated a “performance”, but these children surprised most everyone when they witnessed true worship instead. As this true worship flowed from their little hearts, we saw a passion for Jesus that was evident on their sweet faces. No longer was the entire audience just listening to songs…but we were now all joined in humble worship and adoration for our Heavenly Father. These precious children led us straight to the Throne of Grace.

Their faces and stories will forever be etched in our minds and hearts. You do not want to miss an opportunity to have these children come and share their lives with you. God is using them in a mighty way. We saw many leave the event in tears or with humbled spirits and many were moved to action… but no one left unchanged. Our time with HLF was life-altering and we have been gloriously ruined by the Father’s love for the least of these.”

“We appreciated how well organized the entire HLF team was from the beginning. They communicated effectively all of the details to help us prepare for this event and was readily available to answer every question quickly. All of the host families knew what to expect ahead of the team’s arrival, according to the details outlined, creating a smooth transition for everyone. We were so impressed by the efficiency of the team and genuine care for the children. The children were well prepared, courteous, spoke amazing English and blessed us beyond measure with their precious testimonies and beautiful music. The entire multimedia presentation powerfully impacted the hearts of God’s people to worship and express their faith in action as we care for orphans in tangible ways. Thank you for blessing us and giving us the opportunity to put God’s love into action!”
“They will put a big smile on your face”
“We were so blessed to have had the opportunity to have His Little Feet come and sing for our congregation. The children were just precious! After two nights of housing and the amazing performance, each host family thanked me with tears in their eyes for the opportunity to open their homes to these amazing faith-filled children and chaperones who will inspire you to grow deeper with God.

His Little Feet did more for our orphan ministry in one weekend than we have been able to accomplish in 6 years. While tucking my youngest son in the first night he said that it was the best day of his life. Even though he is only 9, he was fighting back tears during their incredible performance. The staff at His Little Feet was incredible to work with and we are hopeful they will want to return next year for an even longer performance!”

“In all my years of working alongside my husband in church settings, I have never seen a program more effectively used as a conduit for the Holy Spirit than His Little Feet. One concert-goer called the event “life-changing.” The crowd heard not only Spirit-filled offerings of praise and worship from the children but also convicting messages of responsibility and opportunity from adult sponsors. His Little Feet has put new life and power into our church’s motto — “Sharing Life, changing lives” – as people are inspired and convicted to live fully for Him! By the way, all the host families were unanimous in response to one question. When asked, “What would you say to someone considering hosting HLF next time they come?” all replied: “DO IT!”

I would encourage church leaders all across America to take the risk: Invite His Little Feet in, and prepare to be awed by His power at work through these precious young emissaries!”

“I had never heard of His Little Feet until a week before we had a couple of His Little Feet kids stay with us. A friend of mine who had just adopted a little boy from Rwanda let me know that some kids from a kids choir made up of primarily orphans needed a place to stay while in Nashville recording and preparing for a tour.

I was completely humbled to have two children from Ethiopia and Honduras stay with us along with their Chaperone, Auntie Brooke. These two little girls were just precious and clearly had hearts for the Lord. These girls had only been in America a couple of weeks and literally new very little English, but they were so vibrant and it was a joy to communicate through signs and most of all to sing together at night as music just has the ability to transcend the language barrier. It was amazing to me that these little girls were working hard all day in the studio then had the stamina to interact with us at night.

We were blessed to spend an evening with Mike and Christa and it became so clear why God has His hands on His Little Feet – this couple is all about serving Him and taking the Word seriously by putting into action to call to care for orphans on a deep level. I praise God for their commitment to excellent music, but most of all for their clear love for Jesus and these amazing children.”

“Enthusiasm ruled! No matter what they were doing, the children were excited! And they always thanked God…for food, school, for beautiful days to play outside. Edwin and Tariku speak different languages, yet all little boys can come together through God (and at my house, also through Superman or Tom & Jerry!). And they were so good with my son, Jackson (16 months). They were so expressive and excited when they would talk or tell stories that you could see Jackson light up inside. I believe that these little boys’ point of view and approach to the world is amazing and I hope to instill that in my son. They weren’t stingy, tech-focused, or ‘all about me.’ They were the example of being truly thankful.”

“You can give without loving. But you cannot love without giving.”

— Amy Carmichael