Mission and Purpose


His Little Feet exists to help, love and train orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide.


The purpose of His Little Feet is to give a voice to the millions of children around the world who do not have a voice, and to encourage people to practically respond to the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide.

What We Do


All the HLF Local programs take place at the His Little Feet Campus headquarters located in Windsor, CO, and on the road while on the US-based tour.

International Children’s Choir
The His Little Feet International Children’s Choir tours the United States being a voice for orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide. The choir is comprised of participants from around the globe. Many of the choir participants have lost or been abandoned by one or both of their biological parents due to preventable disease, extreme poverty, lack of clean water, HIV/AIDS, tribal warfare, or even death. Other choir participants live with their families yet face challenges due to poverty. Although all of the choir participants have faced challenges in their young lives, today they represent love and hope. The confidence gained from their experiences with His Little Feet encourages, equips, and empowers them. Each choir presentation includes powerful testimonies, songs in English and the choir participants’ native languages, as well as the use of cultural dance, costumes, and props. During the presentation HLF encourages people to practically respond and (be in on it) in the following ways:

  • Give to help, love, and train orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide.
  • Sponsor a child in poverty through Compassion International.
  • Go on a trip to visit and serve children in need.
  • Adopt or foster a child that needs a family through your local county, America World Adoption, or Nightlight Christian Adoption.

His Little Feet’s selection committee works with His Little Feet’s international partners, who know and serve the choir participants and their communities, to select the choir participants and chaperones. The mental, physical, and emotional well-being of each participant is of top priority during the selection process. Each choir participant has a guardian who approves and authorizes their participation in the program. Finally, choir participation is voluntary.

At the end of the choir tour, all of the choir participants return to their countries, where their overall, individual needs are attended to, providing them strength and hope for the future.

Life Training Academy
While the choir participants are in the United States, they participate in the His Little Feet Life Training Academy where they receive tutoring and training in:

  • Academics (English, Word Building, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Physical Education)
  • Performing Arts (Music, Choreography, and Drama) – The performing arts portion of the Life Training Academy begins long before the choir participants arrive to the United States. The choir participants in each country learn and rehearse the His Little Feet music and choreography before coming to the United States. Once they arrive to the United States, all of the participants (2-3 countries) gather together for the first time, all speaking various languages and coming from cultures far and wide. Very quickly, they learn how to work together, practicing and putting the final touches on a culturally unique presentation. While on tour, their performing arts skills improve drastically.
  • Life Skills (Leadership Development, Team Building and Social Skills) – Throughout the time the choir participants are in the United States, His Little Feet strives to:
    • Teach healthy behavioral and social skills
    • Cultivate good character traits
    • Impart skills to make good choices and problem solve
    • Value each participant as an individual
    • Invest time in leadership skills training
    • Encourage the choir participants to dream
    • Show the choir participants how to make a positive impact by loving and serving others

The Life Training Academy provides a holistic approach over a short season of time, providing the choir participants with experiences that impact them for a lifetime.


All the HLF Global programs take place at the HLF Global Community Centers in India, Kenya, and Rwanda. For countries where there is no HLF Global Community Center, HLF works alongside of partnering organizations in those countries to coordinate and facilitate the HLF Alumni Program on their sites.

Global Community Centers
The HLF Global Community Centers (GCC) are beacons of light and hope for HLF communities around the world. Through the GCCs, His Little Feet carries out its ongoing mission of helping, loving, and training orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide. The HLF GCC’s are the HLF headquarters in each country, providing experiences and opportunities to help HLF participants grow into mature, educated, responsible individuals who will make a positive impact in their communities and their countries at large. Examples of activities that happen at HLF Global Communities Centers are:

  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring
  • Music Lessons
  • Training Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Games
  • Youth Activities
  • HLF Office Administration
  • Health Services
  • New Choir Training
  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building Activities
  • Personal Care Management
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • New Choir Preparations, Training, and Rehearsals
  • And more…

Alumni Program
After the choir participants complete the HLF programs in the United States, they return to their countries, becoming HLF alumni. As HLF Alumni they participate in the HLF Alumni Program where they continue to be helped, loved, and trained by receiving…

  • Educational Assistance
  • Spiritual Development
  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Personal Care Management
  • HLF Community Activities

The HLF Alumni Program takes place at the HLF Global Community Centers. For countries where there is no HLF Global Community Center, HLF works alongside of partnering organizations in those countries to coordinate and facilitate the HLF Alumni Program on their sites. The His Little Feet Alumni Program is supported by the HLF Alumni Fund. HLF Alumni Fund supporters who commit to $100/mth or $1200/yr have the option to follow the journey of a specific alumni, receive an annual picture and update from that specific alumni, and write letters to the alumni whose journey they are following. His Little Feet strives to provide all alumni with an equal opportunity. Gifts given to the HLF Alumni Fund will be equally distributed to all alumni. The HLF Alumni Fund is overseen at the direction and discretion of the His Little Feet Board of Directors. Once the HLF alumni reach the age of 18-22 (varies case to case) or graduates and moves on to college, HLF offers support through the HLF College Scholarship Fund. The College Scholarship Fund is a designated fund through which HLF alumni may apply for and receive scholarships when they reach their college years and have the need for financial support.

Microfinance Program
The HLF Microfinance Program is aimed at providing loans to the HLF alumni guardians and/or HLF alumni adults for small business startups. There are several of factors that make it difficult for the poor to access capital. Therefore, HLF trains individuals interested, discusses business ideas with them, sources items for quotations, seeks any professional consultation or approvals needed, distributes the loan, and goes with the individual to make purchases. HLF also provides ongoing oversight and accountability. Once the individual can pay back the loan, those funds are retained for the next individual needing a microfinance loan.


  • Faith
  • Truth
  • Love
  • All people
  • Culture
  • Music
  • Integrity
  • Justice
  • Excellence
  • Compassion
  • Stewardship
  • Past, Present and Future

“You can give without loving. But you cannot love without giving.”

— Amy Carmichael