College Scholarship Fund

In 2015, the His Little Feet Board of Directors launched a College Scholarship Fund designated for all His Little Feet alumni choir children to apply for when they reach their college years and have need for financial support.

FAQ for the College Scholarship Fund

Accredited Universities
Certified Trade Schools
Certified Vocational Schools
Institutions reviewed and approved by the HLF Board of Directors
HLF Board of Directors
Letter of Acceptance from institution
Completed HLF College Scholarship Fund Application
Graduated from the HLF International Children’s Choir & Life Training Academy, as a child
Funds will be voted on and dispersed per need, at the discretion of the His Little Feet Board of Directors.
His Little Feet will track a confidential, current academic record of all students whom has been granted a scholarship. His Little Feet will have that information available upon request, any current personal information permitted for distribution by any student 18 years or older, to people who have the desire to follow up and prayer for that particular student.
No. Due to privacy and confidential policies for all HLF Alumni choir children, as well as compliance with requirements and qualifications for a His Little Feet alumni child to receive a scholarship; funds cannot be designated to a specific child. To ensure impartiality, His Little Feet strives to provide all alumni children with an equal opportunity to apply and be considered for a scholarship. Gifts given to the College Scholarship Fund will be equally distributed to all of the alumni who are awarded the fund.

“You can give without loving. But you cannot love without giving.”

— Amy Carmichael