What is the Choir?

His Little Feet International Children’s Choir travels the United States being the voice for orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide. The choir is comprised of a hand-selected group of children from around the globe. Each live concert performance event includes powerful testimonies from the children’s life experiences, several songs in both English as well as in the children’s native tongues, mixed with a culturally unique, Gospel-centered message.

All of the children in the choir have lost or been abandoned by one or both of their biological parents due to preventable disease, extreme poverty, lack of clean water, HIV/AIDS, tribal warfare or even death. Today, all of the children now come from loving environments where they are nurtured, fed, sheltered, clothed and educated. Although each of these children have faced tremendous challenges in their young lives, today they represent hope. The confidence the children gain from their experience with His Little Feet strengthens, encourages and equips them to become future leaders in their communities around the world.

The purpose of the tour is to bring the awareness to the millions of children around the world in need, as well as facilitate opportunities for Americans to respond to the needs of children through giving, sponsoring, going and adopting.

At the end of the choir tour, all of the international choir participants return to their home country, where their individual mental, physical, spiritual and overall personal needs are attended to, moving their lives in a positive direction for the future.

“You can give without loving. But you cannot love without giving.”

— Amy Carmichael