Booking Requirements

His Little Feet offers two booking options:

  • Virtual Choir Tour – (September 2020 forward) – Whether your church is meeting in person and/or streaming online, His Little Feet can provide HLF components for the service/s and the church or Christian school can conduct their service/s as planned. Or if you choose to host an entire evening concert, HLF can provide all the components for you to share with your church or school in person and/or streaming online. For weekend church services, HLF offers various, customizable presentation lengths to flexibly fit within any service structure. Or if the church wants the entire service to be a HLF presentation, HLF can fill the entire morning with a music, leading the congregation in worship, scripture reading, a message and testimonies.
  • In-Person Choir Tour – (January 2021 forward – Dates subject to change)

Virtual Choir Tour event requirements to book:

  • Love Offering
  • Travel Fee to include HLF President Mike Hahn to come share (optional)

In-Person Choir Tour event requirements to book:

  • Tour Fee
  • Love Offering
  • Host Homes
  • Tables for HLF Display
  • Hot meal for HLF team

For either booking option there are three unique types of booking package options to accommodate each venue’s needs:

  • Weekend Services Package
  • Evening Concert Package
  • School Chapel Package

To host His Little Feet virtually or in person,  please fill out the Booking Request Form here, call 1-866-252-3988 or email [email protected].

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