Performing Arts

The performing arts portion of the Life Training Academy begins long before the children arrive to United States to participate in the choir. Months before the children arrive, they learn and practice the His Little Feet choreography and music in their country of origin. Also, the children and international staff gather, practice and prepare to bring their international instruments and costumes for the His Little Feet program.

Once in the States, all of the countries (sometime 2-3 countries) participating in the program that year gather together for the first time, all speaking various languages and coming from cultures far and wide. Very quickly, they learn how to come together, practicing and putting the final touches on a culturally unique, Gospel-centered performing group.

Throughout the tour the children gain much experience as they travel and sing throughout the United States at churches and schools. While on the tour, their performing arts skills improve drastically as they continue practicing and perfecting the art.

“You can give without loving. But you cannot love without giving.”

— Amy Carmichael