Global Community Center in Kenya

The HLF Global Community Center in Nairobi, Kenya, serves the HLF children and youth (ages 8-17), and their families of Korogocho, the countries’ second largest, most dangerous slum. The HLF Global Community Center in Kenya is located just a short bus ride away from Korogocho and a couple of blocks from one of the main private schools and boarding facilities that most of the HLF alumni children attend. The HLF Global Community Center in Kenya is truly a haven of safety and peace. At the same time it is also a place bustling with activities, meetings and fellowship time for the HLF children and their families.  

The HLF Global Community Center in Kenya is led by Saul Luteka and Pudo Amalemba Neville. Born and raised in Korogocho, these two men, along with their hand-selected team of volunteers, do an incredible job helping, loving and training this precious community of children and youth. In addition to the serving and caring for the children and youth, a considerable amount of time is spent supporting the HLF children’s guardians, by practically equipping and giving them life skills training. This additional care is done so that the entire community around each HLF child is provided opportunities, as well as kept healthy and strong.  

Way before new HLF Kenyan choir children step foot on a plane to head to the United States to participate in HLF’s International Children’s Choir Tour and Life Training Academy, they visit the HLF Community Center to participate in the HLF choir training program specific for new choir children. They are introduced to the overall HLF program, taught about participation expectations and guidelines, and rehearse music and choreography for the choir tour. When the day comes for the children and chaperones to depart for the U.S.A., the HLF community gathers to pray over them and send them off.

And, if you were to ask the HLF children and youth what a couple of their favorite things to do together are, they would say, “WORSHIP TIME” & “SWIM PARTY.” It just so happens that the HLF Global Community Center in Kenya is within a larger facility compound. So, when Uncle Saul begins playing his guitar and the children start singing praises to Jesus, their beautiful, Spirit-filled voices carry throughout the hallways, corridors and into the streets nearby the HLF Global Community Center in Kenya. Also, within the compound there is a huge pool that HLF is allowed to use. And when those pool parties happen, you can hear the loud laughter, splashing and chatter from blocks away. Often these harmonious, happy, life-giving sounds, bring a wind of joy and refreshment to the entire surrounding community.  

In addition to Community Center support and services given, the “HLF Alumni Fund,” funded by individual donors on a monthly or annual basis, supplements support for each individual alumni child’s needs such as educational assistance, spiritual growth activities, medical needs, clothing, gifts, personal items, family emergency funds and more. 

The annual expenses for the HLF Global Community Center in Kenya are approximately $40,000, covering food and lodging for the residential program, furniture, legal work, maintenance and renovations, rent, utilities, professional services, supplies, technology and transportation.   We are looking for one-time or monthly donations from individuals, church mission programs, foundations and/or corporations to support the annual expenses of this very important, Christ-centered, dynamic work being done at the HLF Global Community Center in Kenya.

Special Note: This year’s annual expenses include a one-time purchase of a Global Community Center van in the approximate amount of $15,000.

“You can give without loving. But you cannot love without giving.”

— Amy Carmichael