(our latest steps): Exciting Arrivals From India!

Photo Sep 28, 2 23 58 PM

Not only was it exciting to have an wonderful update
from our previous HLF kiddos back in India,
but this week we also welcome 8 new children and
two chaperones from Mizoram, India!

Photo Sep 28, 2 41 18 PM

Uncle Mikey flew to India, and was able to spend some time
with the children in New Delhi while they waited for their
VISAs and passports. They visited the famous Taj Mahal!
After lots of lines, paperwork, appointments and a few very long few flights,
they arrived in the United States!

Our team was very excited to meet them!
We greet the 9 new faces, and one familiar face from a past tour!
Carris, Josie, Avagale and little Aden Mae loved meeting
their new HLF friends!

Auntie Angela meeting Auntie Katie and the Hahn girls!

What a welcome! We are SO excited for what the Lord
has in store for this next tour!
Group picture! Smile! 🙂
Our group is a lot bigger than when we first arrived at the airport!
So blessed to have gained 10 more HLF team members!
The children seeing the bus they will travel the country on
for the first time!
Photo Oct 01, 3 49 20 PM
The new team had a fun welcome party back at campus in Windsor!
The children were really excited to see where they
would call home for the next ten months!
Photo Oct 02, 12 50 01 PM
Sharing one of their first meals on campus together
after church.
Photo Oct 02, 12 49 46 PM
It’s so fun to experience new foods together!
Photo Oct 02, 5 09 23 PM
Uncle Sam and Uncle Saia having some good conversation
on the playground while the kids play.

Thari at the park!

Photo Oct 01, 4 59 00 PM
Dawanga and Kimkima playing with balloons.
Photo Oct 03, 9 29 43 AM

Worship and devotional with Auntie Angela!
Photo Oct 02, 7 16 52 PM
Kimkima and his creation. New toys are always fun!
We can’t wait to see how the next few weeks unfold as we
welcome the rest of our 2016-2017 choir!
Thank you for everyone’s prayers!