Recently the His Little Feet team
visited Disneyland. What an incredible day of fun they had!  The children loved Soarin’ Over California,
Splash Mountain, Autotopia, visiting the Princesses, the Grizzly River Run and
pretty much any ride they went on.  It
was a cool, overcast Tuesday at Disneyland. The crowds were small and the lines
were short.

At the end of a very fun day, the
team went to the show “World of Color.” An hour before the show, the team got
to their show-viewing spot and waited in anticipation for the show to begin.
Nahagi, one of the HLF Ethiopian
boys, looked over at one of the HLF staff members and said, “Wow! There are a
lot of people here for this show. I wish we could have church right now!” The
staff member agreed. After the show, as the team was walking back to the bus,
Nahagi said, “That was a really good show, but not as good as worshipping
God!  Watching a show only lasts for a
short time. But I get to worship Jesus forever!!!”