(our latest steps): Colorado & Texas!

RSA, Derrick, David and Branton playing soccer in Windsor, CO.
Leila, Sharon & Laurene reading in the book nook on campus.
Celebrating Hriati’s 13th birthday!
Cincilla and Laurene playing volleyball.
David playing soccer in Colorado.
Cincilla and Sharon playing at the park in Denver, CO.
Nupuii and Laurene in Austin, TX.
HLA, Reponse and Benedict playing by the creek in Honey Grove, TX.
Denzel climbing the hay bales in Marion, KS.
Esther, Auntie Megan, Auntie Kelly and Maria helping plant the garden at their host home’s farm in Texas.
The boys and Uncle Seu at a rest stop in Texas.

“We praise you, O God, we praise you, for your Name is near; people tell of your wonderful deeds!” – Psalm 75:1