The His Little Feet choir children
have been extremely interested in whales, sharks and dolphins this tour. Up
until just this week, the only way for the children to see the beautiful ocean
creatures were to read books and watch movies about sea life.  But this week everything changed…the team
finally made it to the Pacific Ocean for the children to experience the ocean
first hand.

When Mahder stepped onto the beach
sand for the first time, she exclaimed, “Delicious!”
When Javier saw the whale spout far
off in the distance, he said, “Seeing the whale was the one thing I wanted to
see and I see it!” 
When Bereket saw a dolphin swim
past, he yelled out “DOLPHIN!! I SEE DOLPHIN!!!”
Tariku explained to his host home
that surfing was like roller skating on the water.
Tsion said she that when she touched
the water she could feel God’s power in the waves.
The children were not so fond of the
seagulls due to the fact that while everyone was playing in the waves, the
seagulls swooped down and ate half of the sack lunches the team had brought.
Every child wanted to be buried from their shoulders to their toes in the sand.
And, Yohannes wanted to know how
many days it would take to swim to China from the California beach.
Great memories at the beach!