(our latest steps): An Ethiopian Experience

The Ethiopian children and their chaperone, Auntie Hilina, have been in the United States for just over two weeks,
and have enjoyed experiencing many “firsts”!
First dentist visit, first Colorado snow, first pizza, first Thanksgiving…
But before experiencing their,
we thought we would share some of their memories with Auntie Christine in Ethiopia,
while they were preparing to come and participate in His Little Feet.
Hope you enjoy this sneak peak into their lives in Addis Ababa!
Going on a walk near their home in Addis Ababa.
These children always find something to giggle about!
20151106_085437 - Copy
On the road to Awassa…what beautiful safari landscape.

Auntie Christine blowing bubbles with some village children.
Swimming at the Lewi Hotel in Awassa! What a treat!
The team visit Lake Awassa.
It’s full of beautiful fish, birds, and animals… even hippos!
Betty, Gerda, Helen and Christine (plus little Fikki) smiling for the camera.
A close encounter with some pelicans!
A fun hippo tour boat ride! Hold on!
Devotions with Auntie Gerda in Awassa.
What a special memory!
Gathering in front of an Ethiopian traditional hut “gojo bet” after church.
And the best way to end their time in Ethiopia…
a traditional coffee ceremony!

The children are so excited for all the new adventures the Lord has in store for them this year on tour.
They will meet new faces, explore new places, advocate for children in need,
and learn so much about their Father in Heaven, who loves them very much!

Let more fun begin!