International Children's Choir



(our latest steps): Your Love Is Like A Waterfall

Each week as the team travels, God displays for us His goodness and love. With new breath-taking cities and scenery – we…

(our latest steps): The Grandeur of Our King!

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco sky scrapers, giant redwood trees… what do they all have in common other than…

(our latest steps): “I Am The Vine”

The team has really enjoyed traveling the California coastline. Each new landscape is a great reminder of God’s unfathomable creativity and…

(our latest steps): HLF Firsts – Disneyland and the Beach!

Oh the memories that were made this week! As we tour the country, His Little Feet prioritizes discipleship, education, advocating…

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“You can give without loving. But you cannot love without giving.”

— Amy Carmichael