Tuck-In Testimony: When Children Pray

The children of His Little Feet love to pray, and I have to allow plenty of time every night for all to pray!

They will each pray in Amharic or Spanish, and I will pray in English. Even though I can’t understand most of their prayers, they touch me because I can see their love for the Lord, their fervency, and their faith that God answers prayers.

They like to pray for all of the children and the aunties and uncles by name. A word I hear a lot in the Amharic prayers that I recognize is “amasiginhalow” (written how it sounds), which means “thank you”. They are so grateful for what the Lord has done for them, rescued them from, and given them.

They have truly experienced having nothing, and then being given everything. Therefore they can probably more easily understand that without Christ, life is hopeless, and with Jesus Christ we have everything.

from Auntie Carrie