(our latest steps): Welcome to the South!

What great joy it is to worship Christ with the Church body across America.
We’ve learned it doesn’t matter whether it’s in a small country church,
or a large metropolitan congregation – we come together with the same purpose –
“God of all nations
Lord of creation
It’s in the bonds of love we meet
We come together at Your feet”
(Lyrics by the Newsboys)
This week we traveled through the South!
We also celebrated Dereshaye’s birthday!
What a joy and light she is for Jesus and His Little Feet!
Keep growing in Him, Dereshaye! We love you!
Happy bare feet in the south!
Photo Apr 29, 8 49 42 AM
Mrs. Gingerich (Uncle Josh’s mother) fueling the staff with morning coffee!
Photo Apr 26, 3 36 40 PM
Singing thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Gingerich for our
fun weekend together!
Photo Apr 28, 7 35 29 PM
Time down by the river.
The boys feeding the fish bread crumbs.
Bible time on the porch – could it get any sweeter?
Photo Apr 27, 12 20 17 PM
Three precious boys sporting their Forever His t-shirts!
Photo Apr 27, 10 12 18 AM
Biruk T. working on his English.
Way to go buddy!
Creek fun!
Photo Apr 26, 12 40 20 PM
What a sweet swing set in such a beautiful setting!

Photo Apr 30, 7 41 07 AM
South Carolina!
Photo Apr 24, 7 45 00 PM
What a sweet reunion!
Amelework, along with her parents, Scott and Kathy, joined us for
a concert. She loved meeting the new choir and even
spent time encouraging them and helping throughout the evening!

Photo Apr 29, 2 52 50 PM
Setting up for another fun Kidfest Conference!
Photo Apr 30, 4 49 54 PM
Biniyam pretending to manage the sound while Uncle Josh
was setting up!
Photo Apr 29, 7 29 31 PM
Testimony time!
So blessed to BELONG to a loving father who cares for us!
Photo May 02, 10 16 20 AM
Thank you Baxley Church of God for tremendously
blessing His Little Feet this week!
Photo Apr 29, 8 23 49 PM
And thank you B-Shoc for the cool t-shirts!
“Equal in Your sight
Made one by Your might
You’ve called us to restore Your lands
And place them back within Your hands”
Lyrics by the Newsboys