(our latest steps): Celebrating India

(our latest steps)

India is the second largest populated country in the world
with many different regions, languages, and cultures.

Yet over the past few years, His Little Feet
has come to love one of it’s north-eastern regions…
the State of Mizoram!

The traditional clothing in Mizoram, “Puan Clothing,”
has been passed down many generations.

Each pieces is intricately woven
with beautiful colors and designs.

What makes each piece so special and
beautiful is the personal involvement of the weaver,
who with great time and skill, weaves a story into each
traditional piece made.
The patterns in the material identify various tribes.
The Mizo children who participate in His Little Feet,
represent a number of the variously unique tribes
from that region of the world.

The Mizo beadwork is exquisite

and has meaning behind each piece.

Famous Bamboo “Cheraw” Dance

While four people move long pieces of bamboo to a
special beat, talented dancers move their feet inside and out
of the moving bamboo sticks.

This dance takes a lot of patience and time to learn,
but is super fun to try – ask Auntie Christa sometime!

Over the past couple of years, we have had
some very talented young ladies perform this
cultural dance during our concerts!

The Beautiful Landscaping

Translated, Mizoram means
“country of the people of hilly regions”.

And that is exactly what Mizoram is,
a beautiful region of hills and trees!
Isn’t it breathtaking?

There is so much more to love about Mizoram and India,
and we feel very blessed
to be able to work with such a culturally unique and
beautiful country!