(our latest steps): A Day On The His Little Feet Bus

(our latest steps)


Over the last five years, the His Little Feet bus
has crossed the country over a dozen times!
We’ve been in over 35 states and have driven
hundreds of thousands of miles!
So what does a typical travel day on the HLF bus look like?

HLF Travel Day Schedule:
1. Prayer

Before ever departing from a church or the HLF campus,

the team always starts with prayer.

Sometimes even the host homes join us on the bus

for final goodbyes and prayer!

2. Devotional

Each travel day, a HLF staff member

is assigned to give a devotional to the team.
Ask anyone, these often are some of our fondest
memories on tour!

3. Quiet Reading 

Our devotional time is most often followed by

some quiet reading time on the bus.

The children often read their Bibles,

work on their school work,
(or on extra-early departure mornings…
take a nice nap!)

4. Bathroom Break and Fuel

It’s always nice to stretch our legs, and have a

quick break before finishing our drive.
Uncle Mikey is great at finding gas stations
near a park or large area of grass
for the kids to get some energy out!

5. Lunch

Many of our sack lunches are prepared

by our amazing host homes! Thank you!
By the end of tour, the team has approximately
eaten 3,360 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!!! Yum!

6. Rest Time

This may be surprising, but with such a full tour schedule,
the quiet bus drives, and the rest time it provides,
is welcomed by all of the kiddos.

The uncles and aunties love their rest time too!!!
Sometimes we have some creative pillows…

7. Fun Activity Until Arrival 

To finish off our drives, the team usually takes some

time to sing songs, play quietly together,
and tell funny stories.

Sometimes there is even a movie or a

birthday celebration!

8. Arrival and Unloading 

Rain or shine, snow or sleet!
The uncles are always so helpful

and unload the 25 plus suitcases upon our arrival to the church!

Traveling with His Little Feet is always an adventure!

Here are some of our favorite “HLF Bus” pictures…
Through the Rocky Mountains!

The Eastern Kansas Plains!

Sunny Central California!

Across the plains of the Midwest!

Up through Montana and North Dakota!

Right through the Gateway Arch!

Highway weigh stations!

Arriving to the church is always full of excitement!

“For he guards the course of the just 
and protects the way of his faithful ones.”
Proverbs 2:8

Thank you for always praying for His Little Feet and
our travels across the country (and WORLD!)
on our mission to help, love and train
orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide!