(meet the choir): Muanteii, Dagim, Ladini and Munga

We have our last four members of the “Sons and Daughters”
tour to introduce to you.
Muanteii, Dagim, Ladini, and Munga
would love to share a little bit about themselves
and what they’ve learned so far while here in America.
We truly hope you have loved these special interviews as much as we have!
It’s been a lot of fun to hear their answers to the questions asked.
We know God is working in and through each and every one of these children.
He has amazing plans in store for them!

Interviews with the children:

Meet Muanteii!

Muanteii represents the children of India
She is 8 years old
Her favorite color is purple

She loves the verse – Proverbs 12

1) What do you like to do on the tour bus? 
I like eating breakfast and lunch on the tour bus!
I also love watching movies!
2) How has your life changed after being a part of His Little Feet?
I have become more confident,
especially when it comes to singing in front of other people.
3) Do you have a special song that you sing? Why is it special?
I love the song “His Little Feet” because it was the first song
I learned for the tour before even coming to America.
It’s also the very first English song I learned, and plus I love the melody!

Meet Dagim!

Dagim represents the children of Ethiopia
He is 10 years old
His favorite color is green
He loves the verse – Psalm 119:105
1) What has been your most memorable moment in America?
Christmas has been the most memorable moment. I liked opening presents!
2) What are you looking forward to the most in 2017?
I am looking forward to what God is going to do in my life
and touring with His Little Feet.
3) How has your life changed from His Little Feet?
I have learned to read books in English. Reading my Bible
everyday has changed my life too.


Meet Ladini!

Ladini represents the children of India
She is 12 years old
Her favorite color is blue
She loves the verse – Matthew 5:43
1) What has been your most memorable moment here in America so far?
My most memorable moment has been when one of our host home families
took us to a dance class and they let us wear beautiful
and fancy costumes and gave us a medal.
2) In your Life Training Academy, what have you enjoyed learning about?
Have you found anything challenging?
I have really enjoyed learning English.
I have found that Math is the subject that is most challenging to me.
3) What is your favorite food in America so far?

Spaghetti, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and pizza!

Meet Munga!

Munga represents the children of India

He is 10 years old
His favorite color is yellow
He loves the verse – Proverbs 3:1-5 and Psalm 15
1) What has surprised you here in America?
Seeing snow fall for the first time was very surprising to me.
2) If you could think of one word to describe you, what would it be?
I would say the word that describes me is: Obedient.
3) What new foods are you enjoying? What food do you miss from India?
I really like hamburgers! I miss potatoes and fried pumpkin from India.
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