Smiles and Spaghetti

His Little Feet is SO thankful to all of the host homes and churches who provide meals for the team! We couldn’t do what we do without you!

During my first tour with His Little Feet (2010-2011), I consumed more than my fair share of spaghetti, much to the amusement of all who heard about it. Well, on this current tour, it has gone to a new extreme. Tsion, Mahder, and I were served spaghetti at our first 6 host homes IN A ROW.

Total, to date, we have had spaghetti ten times during our first few weeks on tour. I have decided that it is too consistent to be coincidence. It has to be either a conspiracy conceived by my mischievous fellow staff, or God’s sense of humor.

On one particular Sunday, I had the joy of having spaghetti two times in the same day! We had spaghetti for lunch at the church we performed at in the morning. At another church for the evening service, Auntie Kourtney and I were headed to dinner, and were wondering what was on the menu.

Kourtney said, “I wonder if it’s spaghetti? Wouldn’t that be funny?!” 

With a wry smile, I replied, “I hope not!” 

As we neared the dining hall, the smell of spaghetti sauce filled the air. Sure enough- on each plate was a big pile of pasta with red sauce and meatballs. 

Overcome with giggles, we had to compose ourselves before entering.  I ate my spaghetti with a smile on my face, thoroughly enjoying every bite.

Though it is a source of amusement to many, God has used these frequent spaghetti meals to teach me a lesson or two.

For example, Tsion and Mahder do not seem to have noticed that the majority of our dinners are spaghetti. They have never commented or complained, but instead have thoroughly enjoyed it. This made me think about the fact that they are used to eating the same food over and over again.

In America, we have the privilege of a wide variety of foods, and the majority of the world does not. In fact, most of the world would be thankful to have food enough to satisfy their hunger, no matter what kind it is.

Growing up in an orphanage, Tsion and Mahder do not think twice about having the same food multiple times in a row. Now every time I eat spaghetti it reminds me of those who are hungry all over the world and do not even have enough to satisfy their hunger, let alone 3 meals a day. Spaghetti now reminds me to be thankful for God’s constant provision in my life. 

So the next time, and every time from now on that I am served spaghetti, I will think of it not as a coincidental abundance of pasta, but as a smile from God.

-story by Auntie Carrie