(our latest steps): Another Big Welcome!

Photo Dec 11, 12 36 10 PM

God has been so faithful to His Little Feet throughout the years.
We have spent many hours completing immigration paper work, applying for passports and visas,
and praying for favor with our international partners and countries.
So whenever we get to welcome a new group of HLF children at the Denver airport,
it is always a joyful celebration of God’s goodness!
Just a few weeks before the holidays, His Little Feet was gifted an early present…
nine more children and a chaperone from India! Praise God!
Photo Dec 20, 10 12 10 PM
Uncle Mikey traveled to India to be present for the Visa appointment in New Delhi,
and to help the team travel back to the United States!
He had such a fun time bonding with the new choir children in their home country.
Photo Dec 20, 10 13 39 PM
They were able to visit the Taj Mahal, one of the great wonders of the world!
Photo Dec 20, 10 14 39 PM
Oh silly Uncle Mikey!
Photo Dec 20, 10 14 10 PM
The team had to cover their feet to enter the Taj Mahal.
This is a “feet picture” His Little Feet has never taken before! 🙂
Photo Dec 20, 10 13 12 PM
Group picture in front of the Courtyard of the Taj Mahal.
Photo Dec 20, 10 12 40 PM
Indian rickshaw ride!
Photo Dec 20, 10 15 44 PM
Traveling through New Dehli.
Photo Dec 20, 10 15 09 PM
Always something exciting and strange to see!
Photo Dec 20, 10 11 47 PM
With visas and passports in hand, we’re off to the airport!
Photo Dec 21, 12 10 38 PM
The children at home were so excited for their choir members to join them from India.
Photo Dec 21, 12 10 14 PM
They all made signs for the welcome party at the airport.
Photo Dec 21, 12 09 52 PM
Waiting for the big arrival!
Photo Dec 11, 12 19 04 PM
Here they come! First hugs!
What a wonderful new addition to our 2015-2016 Forever His Tour HLF Choir!
Yes, you are right – those are familiar faces!
Three children from HLF’s previous choir returned this year
to participate in another tour! How special!
What a wonderful group of children all ready to sing praise to God
and advocated for orphaned and vulnerable children around the world!
This is our largest choir yet! 18 kiddos!
Photo Dec 11, 1 02 09 PM (1)
The team gathered around to play some hand games…
Photo Dec 20, 10 23 26 PM (1)
…and sing their first His Little Feet song as a complete choir!
It was such a special day!

Meet the nine new faces of His Little Feet!
Auntie Helen
And our wonderful Indian Chaperone – Helen!

Here’s to a wonderful new tour! May God’s work be done and His Glory be shown!