Children’s Prayers

This is my second year on tour with His Little Feet and yet again the Lord has already blessed me beyond all that I can imagine. The children have been here for almost five months and there are so many memories and moments that have brought joy, laughter, and tears.

There are moments of growth, moments we will remember fondly, and moments when the constant leading of our Lord is evident.

Time has flown by quickly thus far but I am ever so grateful for all these dear times.

I have learned much from these treasures He has entrusted to our team for this season. The prayers of these children are so precious to witness. To see them on their faces talking to the King of Kings makes me realize these children know how to pray.

Spending a few minutes with Amelework and Gracia before bedtime each night is a joy that continually brings tears to my eyes. We love talking about Jesus in mostly English, a little Spanish, and a dash of Amharic.

Our times together at night also include a lot of charades and hand expressions, and definitely tons of giggles as the girls see their Auntie trying to explain something from the Bible. We have learned about Queen Esther, how to be a proper young lady for Jesus, and how to surrender your life to the King of Kings, among many other lessons.

The most precious part is being able to pray one by one, together, in our own languages, lifting up our prayers to the Father of All. What joy!

The LORD is far from the wicked but He hears the prayer of the righteous. Proverbs 15:29

– Auntie Brooke