(our latest steps): Gators, and Snakes and Turtles… Oh My!


His Little Feet headed south, to our fine state of Texas this week! They have had an amazing week they are sure to never forget!

His Little Feet pulling out from Windsor, CO, for the next leg of their tour to the South.
The Ellerslie students gathered early that morning for a prayer send off with the team and
then the students surrounded the bus and cheered as the team pulled out.

Anyone for a little PB & J? April
puts together just a few sandwiches
for the team!

Westgate Memorial Church blessed the kids with a fantastic
experience at Gator Country. This gator rescue is home to the
two largest living alligators in captivity. Their names… Big Al and
Big Tex of course!

Those gators are so close!

Auntie Mimi seems to be just fine taming the wildlife!

Our littlest snake charmer.

And our biggest snake charmer.

The girls loved feeding the turtles. They
aren’t as ferocious as those huge gators!

Dawnga thankfully escaped without a scratch
from the jaws of this guy!

Ya know… just chillin’…on a turtle…in Texas!

Saul doesn’t seem phased that a HUGE
snake is around his neck!

The boys had such a great time
with all the rolling vehicles!

The girls conquered the climbing web!

Tigist at her first crawfish cookout down in Beaumont, Texas!

What fun we had in Beaumont, Texas! We certainly met some amazing people and made friendships that will last a lifetime!

Lord, thank you for protecting the children and staff as they travel. We are so blessed by your hand that is continuously guiding and leading. We thank you, Father, for experiences that will never be forgotten. You are such a loving Father, and we give you our thanks and praise! Amen.