(our latest steps): Melkam Gena

This week the choir has had the opportunity to share
at two local churches in Northern Colorado.
They also performed at the Ethiopian Evangelical Church in Denver
where they celebrated Ethiopia’s Christmas!
It was blessed week!
Photo Jan 11, 12 01 01 PM
The week started off with our annual His Little Feet Christmas Party!
A tad late, but still so much fun!
Here’s our wonderful tour staff for this year!
Photo Jan 11, 12 00 41 PM
And a group picture of everyone who works on the road and in the office!
Thank you to each one of you for giving your time and strength to
serve the Lord and care for vulnerable children.
Photo Jan 11, 12 02 14 PM
The team headed to Denver to join in some Ethiopian Christmas celebrations
at the Ethiopian Evangelical Church.
“Melkam Gena” means Merry Christmas in Amharic.
The children sang some songs and shared some of their diverse cultures
with the Ethiopian congregation.
Many thanks to our immigration attorney Auntie Christine for
helping coordinate this event for us!
And a big thank you to Gabbi and Auntie Christine for all the awesome pictures! 
Photo Jan 11, 12 02 43 PM
Meaza and Kima seeing each other after more than two years! How fun!
Photo Jan 11, 12 01 23 PM
After the concert, the church had a special traditional
Ethiopian tea ceremony for the children.
Photo Jan 11, 12 01 40 PM
And some delicious Ethiopian bread!
What a special experience for all of the children to have together!
Photo Jan 11, 11 59 12 AM
And to cap off  the great week… look who lost another tooth?!
Biruk T!!!