(our latest steps): The Harvest is Plentiful

Photo Jun 11, 8 54 16 PM
What a wonderful week of fellowship and praise on the plains!
Photo Jun 11, 1 10 28 PM
We are reminded of God’s love for us that is wide and vast!
image2 (1)
Heading into Stafford, Kansas!

The team spent some sweet time at Uncle Jeff’s parents’ church!
Thank you Uncle Jim and Auntie Jill for having us!
Photo Jun 12, 2 28 30 PM

The boys unloading the bus with their suitcases!
Photo Jun 12, 2 28 24 PM
The girls excited for their concert!
image1 (2)
Auntie Katie with the girls!
Photo Jun 08, 6 11 41 PM
We also celebrated Uncle Ethan’s birthday!
Photo Jun 10, 7 27 59 AM
Wow – these kids have grown so much during their time
here with His Little Feet. We are so grateful for
each one of their lives!
The kids also learned a lot about farming during their time in
Grateful that God brings us a bountiful harvest!

Photo Jun 13, 11 21 13 AM (3)
The team was so excited to have Mike, Christa, DJ, Carris
Josie and Auntie Katie back on tour!

Photo Jun 13, 11 21 14 AM (2)
The children worked
together to make a special welcome back sign on the bus!
Photo Jun 13, 11 21 14 AM (4)
Time at the St. Lois Zoo with the team!
Photo Jun 13, 11 21 14 AM (3)
So many fun and interesting animals!
Photo Jun 09, 2 47 42 PM
The kids holding a large snack! Yikes, they are brave?!
Photo Jun 09, 1 40 24 PM
Dereshaye loved the giraffes!
Photo Jun 13, 11 21 13 AM (1)
Exploring all the fun zoo exhibits!
Photo Jun 13, 11 21 15 AM (2)
Devotion time on the bus as we continue on tour!
image1 (1)
He is alive!
Photo Jun 07, 11 57 42 AM
“Then he said to his disciples, ‘The harvest is plentiful
but the workers are few.'”
Matthew 9:37
We pray this week that as we travel and share in churches,
we would be ready for the call to reap the harvest the Lord
has set before us.