(our latest steps): Our Thankful List


“A life contemplating the blessings of Christ
becomes a life acting the love of Christ.”
Ann Vonskamp

What a wonderful week that team had celebrating Thanksgiving and
focusing on all the blessings the Lord has given us.
We asked the children to tell us in their own words
what they are grateful
Their comments were so touching we thought
we’d share them with you all along with some pictures from the week…


Kimkima is thankful for the good clothes he has received.
He is also thankful and glad that he is one of the choir members
of the His Little Feet international choir.

Muanteii is glad that she was the chosen one from her children’s home
to be a member of HLF. She is also thankful that the host homes
are taking good care of her and that she has come this far safe and sound.

Munga is grateful for the good food and the medicine
he has been given for his heath.
He is glad that he has the opportunity to travel the US.
He is also glad that he has hands, feet and a voice
that he can use to glorify the Lord’s name!


Dawnga is grateful to Auntie Christa and Uncle Mikey for providing his food.
He is also grateful that he is a part of a ministry where he gets to travel
and spread the word of God to many people.
He is very glad that he got dental work done.

Ladini is glad that she gets to travel to different states in the US.
She is grateful for the food, the drinks, the shelter that she has been provided.

Thari is grateful to God that she has the opportunity to be in HLF.
She is grateful to the uncles and aunties for the good teachings
that will benefit her spiritual and physical life. She is also grateful that
God gave her a voice, hands and feet to praise God.
She is grateful for her clothes and lastly, she is glad and blessed
that the host homes are taking good care of her.


Feli is grateful that God gave her another chance to
come to USA to praise Him. She is grateful that
she has not run out of food,
clothes and water and is being  properly taken care of.
She is grateful that she has a voice, hands and feet to worship Him.


BSA is grateful for the clothes he’s received and that he is a member
of His Little Feet. He is thankful for Uncle Mikey and Auntie Christa’s care,
and glad that the host homes take good care of him.

Dagim is thankful that God give him health for him and his family
and that he received the chance to be a part of His Little Feet.

Esubalew is thankful for being here with the HLF choir.


Yeabkal is thankful for the good food and his friends.

Seble is thankful for her mom, her health
and safety throughout their  journey.

Tigist is thankful for God being always with us.


Yodit is thankful to have met all of the children His Little Feet and the host homes!

Marvelous is thankful for the opportunity to come to America and for her mother.

Vincent thanks God for opportunity to be here in America
to share the word of God with others. He is also thankful for good health.

Keith is thankful for providence and for an opportunity
to be in America and to see this day.

David thanks God for life and his grandparents and for food.


Melda thanks God for an opportunity to share her life story with American people.
She is also thankful for protection.


“Thank you for giving to the Lord.
I am a life that was changed.
Thank you for giving to the Lord.
I am so glad you gave.”
Lyrics by Ray Boltz


“May the Lord now show you kindness and faithfulness,
and I too will show you the same favor because you have done this.”
2 Samuel 2:6

Photo Nov 27, 1 13 25 PM
We also celebrated some special birthdays!
Happy Birthday Marvelous! We love you!

Photo Nov 27, 1 15 24 PM
Uncle Mikey feeding Marvelous her first bite of her cupcake!

Photo Nov 27, 5 51 16 PM
Happy Birthday Dawnga!
We love you!