An Uncle’s Perspective

As a His Little Feet Road Staff member one of my responsibilities is to care for and watch over two boys. The past leg of the tour my two boys were Tariku (Ethiopia) and Javier (Honduras).
I love both of them very much and I am continually reminded of the gravity and care that my job bears every time I hear them say “Uncle Drew.”  Yet at the same time, I laugh a lot and have much to make me smile every day.
Just to see Tariku’s beaming smile brightens my spirits. His energy is like God’s mercy and to understand you shall have to go read Psalm 136. Recently he came to the staff as we were talking one night and declared, “Uncle Drew- need more toilet napkins!” 
Tariku prays. And when he does, he is serious and there is no guile in his heart. Radiant as he is, he is attentive and receptive to the things of God.
Javier is quite the different side of the coin from Tariku. He is much quieter and would rather stay inside than go climb every tree in the universe. Yet he often extends his hand to help Tariku and be the “big brother.”
What a wonderful blessing it has been to see these two boys grow together and learn to love one another, although they come from completely opposite sides of the world. What a great God we serve!
Uncle Drew from North Carolina