Best Sticker Prize Ever

His Little Feet has a tradition that stems back to the beginning days of the ministry. All of the Uncles and Aunties are always looking for positive behavior in the children.  When noticed, the adult brings great attention to the child’s good choice and a sticker is given on the “You’re a Ten” sticker chart in the bus.
At the end of each week, any children that have received 10 stickers then get to reach into the prize bag and pull out a prize. Prizes for “You’re a Ten” range from getting to choose which seat on the bus one would like to sit in for a day, all the way to getting to stay with Uncle Mikey and Auntie Christa in the hotel for one night.
This has raised quite a bit of excitement in the overall group, as the children are striving to be more like Jesus and have come up with actions, words, and deeds that are bringing great results on the “You’re a Ten” chart.  The children have learned how to say “please” and “thank you.” They have learned how to share with one another, how to allow others to go first and how to encourage their friends.
One night as Auntie Kourtney was “tucking” Eyob and Yohannes into bed, Yohannes brought up “You’re A Ten.” Rather than telling Auntie why he should get a sticker, he proceeded to give reasons why his big brother should be rewarded in this way.
After Yohannes had listed off some of Eyob’s outstanding good deeds, Auntie Kourtney decided to turn the tables a bit and asked Eyob why Yohannes should get stickers. Eyob listed off some reasons for Yohannes to be rewarded.
After they finished, they laughed and said, “Auntie Kourtney, you should get TEN stickers!”
Auntie Kourtney asked, “For what?”
The boys started listing off reasons for Auntie Kourtney to receive stickers: “Because you always help us get ready in the morning…because you say yes to us when we need help…because you always are so kind to everyone around you…because you show Jesus to others by the way you love them.”
After the boys told Auntie Kourtney why she should get stickers, they went on to tell her what her gifts should be. 
Yohannes first said, “A bicycle.”
Eyob decided that he would come up with a better gift: “A Spiderman costume.”
Auntie Kourtney, highly amused, looked at Eyob and said “What would I do with a Spiderman costume?”

In a rather matter-of-fact way, Eyob said, “You should just wear the Spiderman costume for fun.”

Yohannes then tried to think of a better gift than Eyob: “How about a Four Wheeler?”
Then before Eyob could “one-up” his brother, Yohannes came up with the best gift he could think of. He put his sweet little hands to his chest and extended his palms up as if offering a gift from his heart to Auntie Kourtney.  He simply said “I would give you God’s Spirit!”
Eyob decided that he had no better gift to give. With Yohannes’ deep chuckle and Eyob’s bright smile, the conversation ended.
WHAT A GIFT!  May we all remember that the best prize of all is to receive Jesus!  This Christmas may we all remember that the best gift to give others is JESUS!