(our latest steps): Seattle and the Northwestern Ministry Conference

This week the team traveled back to Seattle, Washington
to take part in the annual Northwestern Ministry Conference.
Photo Mar 14, 1 35 58 PM (2)
The drive through Washington was once again breath-taking.
What an opportunity our choir children get to see the
amazing countryside of America!
The HLF bus is definitely a traveling classroom!

Photo Mar 07, 9 24 56 AM
The team (and the HLF bus!) took their first ferry ride in Seattle!
Checking out the fresh seafood!
Photo Mar 07, 11 22 58 AM
And of course the famous bubble gum wall!
Photo Mar 07, 11 24 56 AM
We had to leave our mark! 😉
Photo Mar 07, 11 19 16 AM
Photo Mar 14, 1 42 40 PM
Auntie Christa trying to capture the kiddos blowing bubbles
at the same time for the bubble gum wall…
hilarious and fairly challenging!
Photo Mar 07, 12 03 56 PM
And of course, when in Seattle one must…
Photo Mar 07, 12 16 34 PM
…get hot chocolates at the very first Starbucks on Pike Place!
Photo Mar 07, 12 20 48 PM
Photo Mar 14, 1 35 58 PM (1)
The children rehearsing to sing in front of 2,500 pastors
and ministry leaders at the conference. What a special opportunity!
We always stand amazed at the wonderful ministry opportunities
God gives His Little Feet. What a privilege to lead an auditorium
filled with pastors in worship!
“You’ve placed eternity in our hearts
We were Yours from the very start.”
Praise God for the comfort we can take in the fact the we are
Photo Mar 14, 1 42 15 PM
 We also got to spend some time with
Ben from Kenya. He shared his testimony of how God
provided hope of Jesus Christ through the ministry of
Compassion many years ago.
He shared on the platform with His Little Feet…
such a powerful combination!
We love partnering with Compassion as they release children
from poverty in Jesus’ name!
Photo Mar 14, 1 42 01 PM
Guess who also came to help out at the conference?
Uncle Jeff, our director of operations and scheduling!
Photo Mar 13, 1 33 36 PM
Thank you Pastor Shawn and team for hosting His Little Feet
in Yakima, WA. What a memorable time of worship to our
Heavenly Father and King!
Photo Mar 14, 11 27 29 AM
And now off to Montana! Thank you for all your prayers as the
team drives through three states in ONE DAY!
Photo Mar 14, 10 15 45 AM
‘Tis always an adventure with His Little Feet!