International Children's Choir



(our latest steps): May 19, 2014 through May 26, 2014

(our latest steps) May 26, 2014 Dami smiles as she points out her favorite  neon colored fish at the store!…

(our latest steps): May 12, 2014 through May 19, 2014

(our latest steps) May 19, 2014 Eni visited the St. Louis history museum in Missouri  with her host home! May 18,…

(our latest steps): May 5, 2014 through May 12, 2014

(our latest steps) May 12, 2014 Vena caught a bass while fishing at his host home in Sutherland, Virginia! May…

(our latest steps): April 28, 2014 through May 5, 2014

(our latest steps) May 5, 2014 Zuala and Vena fit some exercise in at their host home! Look at those strong…

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It may take place in a foreign land or it may take place in your backyard, but I believe that we were each created to change the world for someone. To serve someone. To love someone the way Christ first loved us, to spread His light. This is the dream, and it is possible.

— Katie J. Davis