(our latest steps): Celebrating Ethiopia

(our latest steps)

For the past four years, children from Ethiopia
have participated in His Little Feet.

They have shared with us their cultural song, dance, food,
and love for their home country.

Today we thought we’d highlight some of the many
special things we love about Ethiopia!

The beautiful traditional outfits!

The beautiful white fabric in traditional
Ethiopian clothing is called shemma. 
It is sewn in long strips,
often accompanied by beautiful and colorful patterns
or traditional Ethiopian crosses.
It take almost three weeks to weave enough cloth for one dress!

The unique dancing!

Ethiopia has many different cultural dances,
but many include fun shoulder and head movements
accompanied by a drum beat.

Through our HLF tours,
we’ve been blessed with some pretty
talented Ethiopian dancers!

The delicious food!

The Ethiopian national dish is called wat.
It is a hot spicy stew accompanied by injera
(traditional large spongy pancake
made of teff flour and water).
Occasionally while on tour,
the children have been served authentic Ethiopian cuisine.
What a treat!!!

Oh and you cannot forget their wonderful coffee!

Their calendar!

Photograph from: Community-tourism-ethiopia.com
The Ethiopian calendar is actually quite different
than our American calendar.
 In fact, they just celebrated the 2008 New Year
on September 11th!
Their calendar system is based off the Ethiopian
Orthodox Church solar calendar.
Interesting, huh?

Throwback to our New Years Day 2015!
Wow, how everyone has grown!