His Little Feet exists to help, love and train orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide.

The purpose of the His Little Feet Children’s Choir Tour is to give a voice to millions of children around the world who do not have a voice, and to equip the American church to practically respond to the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide.

Through His Little Feet, children around the world are helped, loved and trained in the following ways:

  1. Children involved in the His Little Feet Children’s Choir are given the opportunity of a lifetime to be a part of the His Little Feet Children’s Choir and Life Training Academy.

  2. Children in 26 countries around the world receive an education, medical care, and the opportunity to hear about Jesus and be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God.

  3. Children in orphanages all around the world including China, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Ecuador, Ukraine, Haiti, El Salvador, Honduras, India and Costa Rica, are visited and cared for by loving Christian adults.

  4. Children in Brazil, China, Ethiopia, Honduras, Kazakhstan, Russia, Rwanda and the Ukraine, who need a family are given permanent families.

To learn more about why we help, love and train orphaned and vulnerable, please click here

His Little Feet’s goals are to raise support to assist orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide.  Our second target is to find enough caring donors to sponsor at least 2,000 children, providing them the opportunity to receive an education, to be healthy, to develop life skills, and to hear the gospel.  We would also like as our third goal to find 200 individuals to volunteer to serve children in need locally and/or globally.  Finally, as our most challenging but rewarding goal, to find 200 loving families to offer permanency for child in need of a family.

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