2023 Annual Ministry Recap

Looking back over 2023, we are grateful and in awe of how God equipped the ministry of His Little Feet to carry out the mission of helping, loving, and training orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide.

Here is a impact recap celebrating some special things God accomplished in 2023 through His Little Feet (HLF)!

International Children’s Choir

The HLF International Children’s Choir brought a message of hope as they presented at various events in churches and schools throughout the United States, India, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.

January-November 2023: The choir presented in Utah, California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, and Kansas.

October 2023: The 2023-2024 choir, from Rwanda and India, arrived to the United States where they began the 2023 Music and Choreography Training Camp in preparations for the 2023-2024 Greater Things Tour.

November-December: The 2022-2023 choir returned to Uganda and India. The 2023-2024 choir presented in Colorado.

Additional Tour Highlights:

June-July 2023 – HLF Founder, Christa Hahn, as well as a few HLF advocates, visited Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and India to spend time with the new choir members, alumni choir members, and staff. They led the annual alumni retreats in each country, as well as spent time at the HLF Global Community Centers (GCC) with the choir members and their communities. They also met with various dignitaries in each country to continue healthy relations and develop future strategies to make HLF strong in those countries for the years to come. Finally, Christa Hahn and the HLF advocates made a point to visit each HLF choir member’s homes where they delivered gifts and fellowshipped with the choir members’ families and communities.

May, August, and September 2023 – His Little Feet INDIA presented at special events throughout various states in India.

August & December 2023 – His Little Feet KENYA team members presented and led music and activities at local churches and camps.

Life Training Academy

All the HLF choir members participated in the Life Training Academy (LTA) where they received help and training in academics, performing arts and life skills. The choir members took part in electives such as sewing, filmmaking, typing, acting, sports and art, as well as seasonal day trips to visit farms, the zoo, parks, and libraries. Each of the choir members began memorizing 73 Bible verses and began their HLF CRAVE Bible study and prayer journal.

Alumni Program

At the end of their time in the States, all the choir participants return to their home countries, becoming HLF alumni. HLF’s ongoing desire is to not only see each of the choir alumni have their basic needs met, but also to advocate for them by providing excellent opportunities for growth and guidance as they achieve their dreams and become all God is calling them to be. In 2023, the Alumni Program was primarily underwritten by monthly and/or annual gifts given by generous donors who give to the HLF Alumni Fund. Since 2009, there have been over 211 choir alumni from 7 different countries. In 2023, over 125 choir alumni qualified to be in the HLF Alumni Program, receiving the five after-choir care elements: Educational Assistance, Spiritual Development, Life Skills Coaching, Personal Care Management and HLF Community Life Activities.

Global Community Centers

The HLF GCCs are beacons of light and hope for HLF communities around the world. In 2023, the HLF GCC carried out the ongoing mission of HLF which is to help, love, and train orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide. These centers serve as home-base for the past, present, and future HLF children, their families, and their communities.

Examples of activities that happened at the centers over the past year were academic tutoring, group worship and discipleship, fellowship, and games, HLF office administration, health services, microfinance program for families, life skills coaching, leadership development training courses, one-on-one personal care management, Bible studies and training meetings for guardians, holiday and birthday celebrations, new choir preparations, training, rehearsals, and more.

In 2023, HLF celebrated a few milestones in our GCCs:

  • The opening of the HLF GCC in Uganda.
  • Began renovating the HLF GCC in India.
  • Completed the second year of the microfinance program in Kenya.
  • Completed the first full year of the Microfinance Program in Rwanda and India.
  • Began the first year of the Microfinance Program in Uganda.

At the end of the year, all three GCCs hosted HLF annual Christmas celebrations, bringing together and blessing the many HLF children and young people, as well as the large HLF communities which surround and love them.

College Scholarship Fund

In 2023, HLF celebrated the eighth year of the College Scholarship Fund. Back in 2015, the College Scholarship Fund was designated to distribute scholarship funds to HLF choir alumni applicants in need of financial support during their college years. In 2023, eight His Little Feet alumni graduated high school and began college.

HLF Campus Headquarters in Windsor, CO

In 2023, we completed the first full year of ownership of the HLF campus in Windsor, CO. Throughout the year His Little Feet made plans and engaged with local architects, engineers, town leaders, and a construction company to step through the pre-construction phase of the expansion and renovation of the HLF building, which serves as the permanent ministry center and home for HLF in the United States.

On behalf of all of us at His Little Feet, especially all the HLF children and staff throughout the world, thank you for your partnership, generous financial support, and faithful prayers which have equipped us to bring the hope and love of Jesus to those in need.

In 2024, we look forward to continuing this important work with you in reaching children one step at a time!

“You can give without loving. But you cannot love without giving.”

— Amy Carmichael