(our latest steps): Introducing Kenya

His Little Feet has some exciting news…
We’ve begun working in Kenya!
Africa 053
Before the new tour begins, we thought we would take some time
to learn some fun cultural things about the beautiful country of Kenya!8

Kenya rests on the coast of the Indian Oceans.
It’s vast landscapes vary from savannah, lakelands and the
dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountains.
Many large animals such as lions, elephants, giraffes
and rhinos call Kenya home.

As with every culture, Kenya offers a variety of delicious and unique dishes.
Breakfast usually entails tea or porridge with bread, chapati,
boiled sweet potatoes or yams.
Chapati is an unleavened flat bread served frequently at meals.
tea-1573257_1920Kenyan tea is also a staple and a leading major foreign
exchange earner for the country.
Kenya Necklace

The Maasia women are known for the brightly
color beaded necklaces.
Kenya Sunday

His Little Feet is eager welcome Kenya and it’s
beautiful culture into our program!
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